Let’s unpack what’s coming up.


You’re one of my earliest subscribers. I plan to learn from you as I hope you learn from me.


The two aims for this site.


Aim One:

I worked in direct online marketing for nine years — my main skill: copywriting. By monetary measurements, I became a top direct-response copywriter.

-     I managed multiple email lists that grossed millions of dollars, and I wrote the emails for those lists.

-     I wrote sales letters that generated over eight and nine figures of gross profit.

By no means I’m the best, but I’m not the worst.

Why the humblebrag?

One, to reassure you that I’m not off my rocker. And that you’re receiving battle-earned insights concerning marketing.

We’re going to chat marketing, marketing tactics, and marketing philosophy. We’ll see what works, what harms a business, and why certain methods harm or work.


The Second Aim: admittedly a selfish aim.


Reading and books. You can read all about it on the Ex Libris Page.

This second aim is perhaps selfish. But I love reading, and I’d like to connect with fellow bibliophiles.

I find many popular thought-leaders mutate reading into a pollyannish life-hack.

I hope to provide better directionals for better reading.


A few logistics.


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Both Memberful and Stripe use best practices to protect the consumer and the creator (me).

If at any time you feel you’re not fit for me, you can cancel at any time.


Next, emails.


You’ll be getting emails from me:

The email platform that sends my emails: ConvertKit.

I’ve used dozens of email platforms, and I purposefully chose ConvertKit.


ConvertKit’s message and mission serve you and me. ConvertKit cares about their customers. And Most ConvertKit users aren’t heavy-handed email marketers. As in, I’m not going to pound your inbox with scammy email tactics.


Last, customer support.


Right now, I’m basically a one-man show. A tech team helps me out, I use a copyeditor, and I have a bookkeeper. But they are more like bowling bumpers to keep me rolling.

If you have any issues with the site, I ask you to be reasonable and patient. Someone who makes a fire drill, someone who catastrophizes a link not working — tends to be an asshole.

I want good, reasonable people.

I will do my best to handle issues quickly. As the site grows certain things will get handled faster, but right now it’s me relaying issues to a tech team.


How to navigate the site:


I’m currently tinkering with three article labels: Marketing, Oz, and Reading.

Marketing: here I cover copy, marketing tactics, and its effects.

Oz: I rip back the curtains and show you what popular thought-leaders or gurus are really like. You’ll see how their business models work, the truth behind claims, and how sometimes Santa Clause just isn’t real.

Reading: I suggest checking out the Ex Libris page to get started.

I’m grateful you’re here, be on the lookout for my email.