About Jim Clair

Hi, I’m Jim Clair.

I’m a writer.

Professionally, I’m a direct response copywriter. I craft simple words and phrases that best show a product or idea. I like helping people who approach their trade like a craftsman, those who find meaning and purpose in what they create. Because that combination requires not slick sales tactics but warm words painting the right picture. One showing how your product serves your customers flourishing, while also bolstering your business’s flourishing.

Here on this site, I’ll share my insights about writing good copy, my opinions on ad ethics and business philosophy. I believe ethics matter in how we sell. I believe we can sell without losing our integrity, but most marketing advice and business beliefs sap your integrity. A better way exists. I’ll share my experience how you or your company can thrive professionally when you market with a deeper purpose.

As I share my experience, I’ll unmask various internet marketing methods. I’ll show what’s good, and I’ll inform what’s insidious.

For eight years I wrote copy inside the unique world of Internet Marketing:

  • Weight Loss
  • Yoga
  • Supplements
  • Health & Fitness
  • Diet
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Muscle Building

I crafted handfuls of hit offers. I created revenue-boosting email marketing. I worked in close circles with many famous “lifestyle” gurus. Although I learned plenty and enjoyed success, I felt personally and professionally empty.

I saw slick marketing tactics produce fast cash but create short-term business models. I sat in mastermind groups where the biggest concern was how to get around new laws because they broke the old laws. I got tossed into cultish-like echo chambers training you how personal worth depends on your professional success. And that success is based on a business model akin to constantly trying to win scratch tickets. And if you didn’t win, it’s a result of toxic thinking. I also saw — and still see — well-meaning people and companies with good products ruin their brand and reputation following popular marketing advice. Customers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and many inside the digital marketing world, are getting scammed. I’ll show how the scam works and what the better way looks like.

One goal with this blog is helping you write copy. This blog isn’t for someone who just wants a headline or who wants a wilder idea to beat some crazy sales letter. Nor is it for someone who wants a few platitude secrets about marketing. What I do, is I walk you through how to best show you and your products to your customers. If you feel a deep attachment to what you do, if your product or idea doesn’t want to get taxed by copyese, then feel free to check out the blog.

The second goal is talking about marketing philosophy. I’ll discuss the ethics, and purpose, and goals of marketing. This is where I’ll unmask ethical and unethical marketing methods. I’ll also opine on various marketing tactics and what they mean.

This site is a business. But I will never badger you with unethical affiliate marketing, and I don’t run ads.

Who I’m Not Available To:

  • I don’t freelance.
  • I’m not available for one-off projects.
  • No affiliate marketers (if you’re on Clickbank, Software Projects, or anything like that, it’s a hard pass.)
  • Anyone from Agora.
  • Most if not all supplement related businesses.

Who I Do Work With

I do sometimes partner using a dynamic equity split model. I pick less than a handful of people and companies. If I like you, I’ll reach out to you.

I’m occasionally available for consulting, but you must be a longtime Good Word subscriber to qualify.